DADO Africa: Small Renovations Making Big Differences

Small renovations making big differences. “Beauty is a summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered — ‘ Elio Carletti’

DADO Africa is world-renowned for designing and manufacturing some of the most adored bathtubs. Manufactured in South Africa, using the unique DADOquartz material, DADOquartz bathtubs are not only beautiful but strong and make striking centrepieces to the most pristinely designed bathrooms.

From the luxurious shores of Dubai to the refined architecture of the Netherlands, it is not only DADO Africa’s bathtubs that have made a statement; the complete range of DADOquartz basins has worked part and parcel in helping design the most beautiful and idyllic bathrooms imaginable.

Every DADOquartz bathtub has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to fulfil all design principles and elements. DADO Africa has proven time and again to be pioneers in the bathware industry and in this pursuit has ensured that a DADOquartz freestanding basin be designed to complement every DADOquartz freestanding bathtub in their catalogue.

All shapes, sizes and restrictions are carefully considered and their range of gorgeous freestanding DADOquartz basins allow for seamless bathroom designs and cohesion. DADOquartz basins are the small stars that allow your bathroom to shine. Creating not only uniformity but consistency in patterns and layers in your bathroom designs. DADOquartz freestanding basins are available in City Range, Standard Range, Classic Range and DQ+ Range as the perfect pairings to their DADOquartz freestanding bathtub ranges.

As the proud manufacturers of the world’s most beautiful bathtubs and basins, DADO Africa brings your bathroom together in perfect and sleek harmony with their range of DADO Aqualine chrome basin mixers and chrome freestanding bath mixers. DADO Aqualine’ square freestanding bath mixers with their minimalistic soft, linear style, will add a touch of class and luxury to any modern bathroom.

Backed by the DADOquartz lifetime warranty, DADOquartz basins are a sound choice and a guarantee of quality assured. Their 15-year DADO Aqualine warranty is a promise you can trust. There really is no question that these are the small additions that make the biggest differences in your bathroom design. Visit their website on to view the full range of DADOquartz freestanding basins and how they match perfectly to the DADOquartz freestanding bathtub of your choice.


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