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Bathrooms May 31, 2022

Create Your Own Home Spa With Grohe Allure Brilliant

Why book a treatment at the spa when you can treat yourself, right in the comfort of your own home every single day?

Your bathroom is a private space. Here you can indulge in an experience of self-love and discovery, seeking quiet solace from the outside world and stressful distractions.

Water, vital for human survival, is also a stress-relieving and calming element that human beings have marvelled at for centuries. We feel revitalised when we visit the ocean. Furthermore, we are naturally attracted to bodies of water such as dams, rivers, waterfalls and oceans. We build our homes, restaurants and hotels alongside waterways where the calming sounds of rushing or crashing water ease us into a state of calm.

Driven by a passion for water and advanced technical precision, GROHE has spent years crafting perfect water solutions for the home and other luxury spaces. The GROHE Spa was specially designed to harness the relaxing, soothing experience of water to create spa retreat-like home bathrooms.

Furthermore, GROHE Spa is an exclusive collection of GROHE products that transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being. “GROHE Spa stands for health through water. The calming sound and soothing feeling on one’s skin makes water truly an elixir of life itself”, claims Patrick Speck – Leader of LIXIL Global Design.

GROHE Spa, a collection where precision meets sophisticated design, enables you to fully customise your home spa experience with a variety of colours, materials and finishes to suit your requirements.

Choose from a variety of products in the GROHE Spa collection. It subsequently offers unique water experiences, beautiful aesthetics and luxury touches for your very own sensual home spa.

GROHE Allure Brilliant

Grohe recently redesigned the popular GROHE Allure Brilliant product line. It now offers an elegant water experience with beautiful aesthetic appeal in even the most contemporary bathroom designs.

GROHE Allure Brilliant offers a slim, minimalistic design with state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship. Furthermore, this will harmonise with both modern and contemporary bathroom designs.

GROHE Spa Ceiling Shower

Step beneath a waterfall, with the sound of running water as it gently pours over your skin. GROHE Ceiling Shower modules enable you to customise your entire showering experience. Select from differing spray to suit your personal preferences. A shower that exudes luxury, style and sophistication. The GROHE F-Digital Deluxe, will stimulate your senses with a shower experience customised to your exact desires. Furthermore, the GROHE F-Digital Deluxe, by means of a touch screen or wireless Bluetooth connection, allows you to design your own personal shower experience. It includes a range of lighting, sound and steam options.

Your very own private sensual home spa experience awaits with GROHE Spa – a collection that was specially crafted to inject relaxation and overall wellness into your home.

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