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Oct 17, 2019

Create A Focal Point With These 5 Beautiful Jeeves Heated Towel Rails

Create a focal point with these 5 beautiful heated towel rails from Jeeves.

As the pace of life seems to accelerate even faster, the bathroom comes more and more into its own as  a space of blissful tranquility.  While many aspects contribute to this experience, the focal point plays a key role as a magnetic area, drawing the eye as a central point of pampering.

Jeeves Tangent

With themes from edgy modern simplicity to sumptuous elegance, the heated towel rail ushers in the ultimate in indulgence as an unrivalled design which captures our attention. Positioned as an objet d’art, this significant accessory becomes an ideal choice for creating a focal point in the room as follows:

  1. The freestanding heated towel rail

If you are ready for a bold piece that takes your breath away, then the floor-mounted freestanding Jeeves Tangent X is ideal to create a majestic impression in the room.  Bringing an intriguing 3-dimensional effect, this delightful design is created to be enjoyed from different angles, immersing the viewer in a variety of experiences, all of which culminate in the pampered delight of a crisp heated towel. Standing independently, the  horizontal bars bring an understated elegance, bringing a sense of spaciousness which permeates the bathroom with a luxurious feel.

  1. Best of both worlds

Combining aesthetic impact and luxury are two effective ingredients for creating a scene-stealing feature – perfectly mirrored by the Quadro P where a geometric frame surrounds the gentle rounded horizontal tubes to create a subtle yet luxe look.  While the angular vertical brackets bring a raw modern essence, this sense of edginess is offset by the demurer classic bars, producing a mesmerizing effect with groups of repeated horizontal lines.  The result is a statement piece which immediately draws attention to its form, complimented by an effortless supply of delicious dry towels for your pampering pleasure.

3. Shower feature wall

The glass-mounted Spartan F is ideal for transforming your bathroom into your own private retreat.  On its own, this striking minimalist design brings an innovative look to the room.  However, once it is glass mounted, it becomes an impactful work of art, transforming the area into a calming yet striking space which elevates the aesthetic experience of the room.  With a commanding presence, this statement piece redefines the concept of convenience, with a constant supply of warmed up towels, creating a perfect haven in which you get to unwind and refresh.

Classic N28 Matte Black.

4.     Focal point by colour

When beautiful design, magnificent craftsmanship meet arresting colour, the breathtaking result creates an area of visual interest, separating it from the rest of the bathroom space.  Colour can be used to create a dramatic contrast such as a black matte finish against a backdrop with a neutral shade.  On the other hand, if your colour palette is mainly cool colours of blues and greens, then a heated towel rail with a white matte finish will inspire a captivating effect, drawing attention to this space.  And if you’re looking to elevate the mood in the room, then the brighter colours of yellow gold or antique rose pink will make the heated towel pop out as an inescapable focal point, infusing the room with a cheery feel.

  1. Focal point by scale

A focal point can be achieved by adding a heated towel rail which draws attention to itself by virtue of its sheer size.

As one of Jeeves frequently requested customizations, the Classic N28 brings a sense of state-of-the-art grandeur.  With a regal length of 1740m, this design is naturally disposed to creating an unforgettable impression.  Complimented by a design simplicity, the N28 has an eye-catching appeal which goes beyond its stature, offering groups of horizontal bars designed to maiximise the indulgence synonymous with heated towels, allowing you to drift into a tranquil, carefree wonder.

Wrapping up

The heated towel rail, with its inherent sophistication creates a look which effortlessly draws attention while bringing a luxurious calm to the bathroom. With its charming silhouette and variety of designs, the space is infused with a gentle peace while keeping you pampered with heated towels which continue to delight.  And with a wide selection of choices, Jeeves makes it easy to create an attention-grabbing look, that not only creates interest but also keeps the space unified with a contemporary, clean look that you’re sure to love.

Jeeves Quadro

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