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Cobra: What to Consider Before Buying A Bath

The family bath has become a household staple, something many of us grew up running away from as children and now running towards as a haven as adults. Looking at the history of the bath, the first one was made and installed in 1883 and was a cast-iron horse trough covered in enamel with 4 decorative feet added to it – that was the birth of the modern bath.

Fast forward to 2020 and the variations of baths are endless; from your classic drop-ins, to the oval and rectangular-shaped built-in corner units, to free standing abstract modern art pieces and sunken infinity style shower bath combos.

From the standard models to the more luxurious options, there is a range of different baths to choose from. Understanding the different types before going shopping will help you make an informed decision, with the key condition being that a bath should be able to serve multiple purposes, whether it is to bathe the children or to escape after a long day.

Here are some tips to consider when buying a bath:

  1. Where space is a rivaled commodity an offset corner unit may be top of the list as it takes up the least amount of floor and wall space, the perfect illusion for smaller spaces. Most of the Cobra corner baths are fitted with a seat for extra storage of all your bathing essentials. The Petra Offset particularly exudes luxury in these confined spaces.


  1. On the other hand, where space is in abundance, a free-standing bath is most certainly the way to go. A timeless, modern, and elegant look can be achieved with Cobra’s various pieces. Cobra offers a range of enticing skirted options as well as one-piece alternatives for those wanting a more extravagant look. If you are looking for a classic expression, the Victorian slipper bath is for you, whilst the rectangular designs will give your space a contemporary look.


  1. Versatility is the name of the game, so why choose when you can have the best of both? The installation of a Cobra shower/bath combination saves you both space and money. Cobra’s available aesthetic options are just as versatile as the shower/bath combination, as rounded and square designs are offered in both left and right configurations to suit your bathroom layout.


  1. For the budget savvy homeowner with limited space, your traditional drop-in bath fits the bill with Cobra being able to match what you are looking for, whether fitted with handles or not, fitted with an end or middle waste, as well as offering different designs with pricing options to fit your pocket.


  1. When relaxation is an absolute must, Cobra lets you bring the spa experience home with their 6-jet indoor spa baths.


6. Do not forget to take your family into account. Should you have little ones or elderly family members using the bath, options with non-slip coating and handrails are a safer option.


The bath is the cornerstone of the bathroom, so make sure that the one you choose allows many special family memories to be made: whether it be mom relaxing, dad making bubble-bath beards with the kids or the little ones giving the dog a quick wash. It is all about little moments that inspire big feelings.

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