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Bathrooms Dec 16, 2021

Cobra: Easy DIY Tips For The Perfect Shower Experience

It’s DIY and entertainers’ season, that time of the year where everyone is a little stressed about home improvements but equally excited to spend holidays with family and friends. This is also the period of the year where most homeowners are renovating either for better sale prices when putting their homes on the market or to start the new year on a fresh note.

Holiday season also happens to be the busiest time in most households. Everyone starts to appreciate that quick shower after a long day in the sun with the kids, a swim with friends or spending hours prepping different delicious cuisines for the guests. Whether you take a shower at the beginning or end of the day, odds are it is one of the best things to do for yourself – a perfect escape from all the festivities.

If you’re looking to improve your shower experience, here are some easy DIY tips:

Choose the right showerhead for the ultimate experience

We all know that the showerhead is perhaps one of the most critical features of a perfect shower.  It can be the very thing that shifts your experience from calming to frustrating, from invigorating to enraging, from magnificent to miserable. A showerhead that delivers a superior showering experience every time, and that provides you with the flexibility to match your shower to what your body and mood require is a great investment. Consider getting yourself a showerhead that will contribute to the perfect escape.

One of the best in the market is the Cobra’s Spectra Collection. A range of innovative shower products and exquisite designs ensure you have total control over your shower. They’re also so simple to install and retrofit. Furthermore, you can easily do these bathroom-enhancing adjustments yourself.

Showerheads offered as part of the Spectra Collection include:

  1. The Spectra eTouch, which allows you to change the spray pattern with a remote control
  2. Spectra Duo, a 2-in-1 design that comes with a wide showerhead and a hand shower, as well as a magnetic docking station.
  3. The Spectra Rain offers one of the very best overhead shower experiences available, using water-saving technology to mimic the feeling of rain
  4. And lastly, there’s the Spectra Switch and the Spectra Hand Shower, both of which allow you to seamlessly switch between four different spray patterns

Nothing is as welcoming as a clean shower

Just as important as how you feel after a refreshing shower is how you feel when walking in. There are various products available to assist in keeping your shower clean and sparkling. Luckily, if you end up getting yourself one of the Cobra Spectra collections, such as the Spectra eTouch, which has a beautiful finish that is scratch and tarnish-resistant, you won’t have to stress much about damaging your shower accessories while you keep it super clean.

Create a warm and relaxing lighting experience

Warm lighting promotes relaxation. Furthermore, it helps to calm the mind. Try getting stylish mid-century inspired orbs. Alternatively, a small paper lantern light or scented candles work wonders to set the scene and mood whether it’s a shower or bath experience.

Achieve that tropical escape and get bathroom plants

Bathroom plants are fun. Furthermore, they are also a popular trend. They not only look great but also help filter indoor air and for entertainers’ they add to the aesthetics – making your bathroom stand out.

Every day needs a little escape, and a shower – that personal, solitary, sacred space – is undoubtedly the perfect way to achieve it.


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