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Bathrooms Apr 14, 2024

Classic Luxury Presents Gessi Ventaglio

As a leader in the sector and a prominent company in the “Made in Italy” world, GESSI once again innovates through shapes and signs, in its established path serving the world of architecture, bringing forth unique tools and solutions. The new VENTAGLIO collection is a testament to this, now available locally at Classic Luxury.

Premiered at the Salone del Mobile 2023, the new VENTAGLIO collection is characterized – as its name suggests – by silhouettes with a sophisticated oriental allure. Through elements with progressive openings, reminiscent of the shape of a fan, the result is innovative and entirely original in the realm of bathroom furnishings.

An emblem of sophistication, known since antiquity in China as a symbol of prestige and in European courts of the eighteenth century as a means of coded language, the fan (Ita. Ventaglio) is now reinterpreted by GESSI by Classic Luxury to bring its timeless charm into the home.

The collection was developed by GESSI in collaboration with Michael Vincent UY – a Filipino architect and interior decorator. Together they also designed the bathrooms of Il Foyer restaurant at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in 2020. His Milan-based studio, MVUY, has an extremely varied portfolio of projects where he delicately balances history with contemporaneity, refined details that enhance the experience, contrasting spatial harmony, and unique Oriental influences intertwined with Western design expertise.

An element of aesthetic grace, representative of a language rich in meanings, the fan – Ventaglio – becomes an expression of refined design, with almost aerodynamic contoured forms, in a play of opposition between soft surfaces and slender lines, in a continuous exchange enhanced by reflections of light and shadow. Evoking the movement of the fan, through lines that progressively open, overlapping shapes emphasize an unparalleled chiaroscuro effect.

Available in all GESSI finishes, numerous details identify and enhance the aesthetic care of each product in the VENTAGLIO collection. From the tapered lever to the gradually opening spout, from the conical base to the body that combines right angles and curves, everything exudes balance, in a combination, pleasant to the touch, of rigour and softness.

This too is an expression of GESSI’s craftsmanship, which enters the most intimate spaces of living with the minimalist style of VENTAGLIO. The collection draws inspiration from the concept of aesthetics, which in Japan is considered an integral part of daily life. It seeks harmony in simplicity and invites contemplation of objects with their fixed and inner life. Pure forms that urge attention to the deep sensitivity to the emotional and affective dimension of everything. The beauty of sobriety, so simple and direct, through which each person can experience a profound sense of unity with the Universe and achieve that psychophysical well-being that GESSI aims to instil with its creations.

Manufacturing excellence, new concepts, and innovative solutions narrate GESSI’s virtuous ecosystem, a protagonist of the lifestyle thanks to the philosophy of dressing the most intimate spaces of living with a total look, for a daily pleasure in self-care.

Visit Classic Luxury and find out more about GESSI’s new collections.

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