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Bathrooms Sep 14, 2021

Celebrate spring with fresh ideas for your bathroom

So you’re looking at your bathroom, wanting to give it a reboot, add some extra pizazz. Afterall, it’s spring – the season of rebirth, bringing with it motivation to refresh and start anew.

Good news is that this doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul.  In fact, it’s surprising how bringing just one or two new additions can transform the ambience of the room, adding an inviting dimension to your bathroom experience.

 Wondering where to start?  Here are our top 5 ideas to usher in a new beginning for your bathroom décor.

Jeeves Tangent M Black

  1. Celebrate colour

Create an uplifting, sunny effect by bringing the colour of spring into your bathroom with the antique rose gold of the Tangent M.  Together with the spa theme of this Jeeves model, this heated towel rail fills the room with an announcement of tranquility and relaxation.

While the colour is promises to boost your mood, the idea of crisp white towels, rolled up on the horizontal bar brings a sense of serenity, creating a yin yang effect where these seemingly opposite elements (of mood boosting and serenity) combine to create an atmosphere of harmony and balance, providing you with a replenishing bathroom experience.

 2. Reimaging the bathroom space

Think of your bathroom as a canvas of possibility, just waiting for your creative input.  And when it comes to creativity and innovation, think no further than the Tangent Ladder L – a spectacular rendition of the regular ladder design. With horizontal bars just made to accommodate your fluffy towels you are guaranteed of the heavenly indulgence of warmed up dry towels. 

 With its tapering silhouette adding an on-trend vibrancy to the room, this is your opportunity to bring something that shows your aesthetic sense, while making a personal statement at the same time.  

Jeeves Tangent L White

 3. Out with the old

Tired of the same old same old?  Then the Quadro P was just made for you.  With tubular inner rails setting up a delightful contrast with its geometrically angular frame, you not only gift your bathroom with a new look, you also set up the opportunity for delightfully dry towels to crown your bathroom session. 

And while this baby looks good in whatever finish you may choose, we are particularly partial to the way the mirror polished finish accentuates the contour variation between the vertical and horizontal bars. Whatever your preference, this design is set to draw attention and change up your bathroom into a visually pleasing experience.

Jeeves Quadro P 520 Polished

 4. Inspired luxe

The Classic C is big enough to create an impression, while sufficiently chic to introduce a sense of sophisticated luxury to the room. While the matte brushed and silver polished versions are more classic in their look, the matte black, pearl gold and antique rose gold finishes are sure to turn heads, bringing a more dramatic edge to the room. 

Either way, the Classic C is made to maximise surface area and heat density to warm up your towels to sweet perfection, while bringing a unique freshness that effortlessly makes for a pampered bathroom experience.

Jeeves Classic C Polished

5. Fresh inspiration

Reaching a length of 1 065mm, the Spartan F introduces a minimalist aesthetic, giving rise to a space where you can restore, relax and reflect – the ideal atmosphere for a sanctuary where you get to unwind after a long day or collect your thoughts before a busy day ahead. 

The Spartan F reduces the heated towel rail to its most basic essence, creating a design stripped of superfluous elements.  This results in a simple, uncluttered space with a refreshing appeal.  Characterised by clean lines and simplicity, the focus is on the design which is pleasing and calming to the eye, adding a refreshing edge to your bathroom time.

Jeeves Spartan F Black

Wrapping up

We totally get that you’re inspired by the season’s delicious cocktail of new colours and blossoms opening up to the warm sunlight.  In fact, this is the perfect time to make those small changes which will have a big impact on your bathroom experience. With the strategic addition of a heated towel rail, you get to do just that while adding style at the same time.

 Best of all, with this new take on your bathroom décor, you are not just guaranteed to create your own personal retreat, complete with relaxation and pampering – you get to savour the indulgence of crispy dry towels 365/24/7 too!



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