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Bathrooms Dec 22, 2022

Brabantia: Create An Inspiring Home Spa For the Holidays

The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate at home. Create your very own place of wellness and relaxation at home with the latest from Brabantia.

While the term “wellness” may conjure up visions of expensive spa retreats, and pilates classes on the beach, we think that the definition should expand to our everyday spaces and activities that help to nourish the soul and help us take better care of ourselves.

Carve out a wellness room at home

After two long years facing a challenging global pandemic, more people are becoming invested in how they spend their time indoors. The bathroom has fast become a spa retreat or place of wellness, and we can see why. It’s vitally important to take better care of our bodies and provide the space at home to recharge and find rest. We suggest carving out a special place indoors to help you achieve that spa-like peace and engage in self-pampering activities you enjoy most.

A serene space

Before, bathrooms were mostly functional spaces for personal hygiene. However the trend is changing as we see more modern bathrooms incorporating sleek designs that emphasise holistic wellbeing. Mininalist designs with sleek finishes are taking centre stage to promote a sense of tranquility.

Beautiful storage and organisation

Make your bathroom an oasis of calm by bringing in this stylish trio (featured below), consisting of a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and tray. The easy-to-fill, no-drip soap dispenser keeps your favourite soap at hand. The toothbrush holder holds your toothbrushes and toothpaste together. Use the large tray to collect small items or as a coaster for the other two. An organised bathroom, as easy as one, two, three. How beautiful is that?

A modern soap dispenser

Invest in contemporary accessories to bring a modern twist to your spa-like bathroom. The Renew Soap Dispenser from Brabantia  is a stylish bathroom accessory for anyone who is serious about hand hygiene and design. This little beauty doesn’t just dispense soap – it doesn’t drip, and oozes quality, from the large refill-opening to its non-skid base.

The Mindset Toilet Butler

Instant assistance, and instant style for your smallest room: this Brabantia MindSet Toilet Butler brings everything you need. He is happy to hold your phone, and keeps the roll handy and the toilet brushes too. Discreet, helpful and good looking, an absolute must-hire.

Create a place of wellness, rest and tranquility in your bathroom with these simple yet stylish accents from Brabantia:


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