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Feb 19, 2020

Bathroom Butler: Guest Bathroom Inspiration

While the guest bathroom serves as a functional space, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t pack all the creature comforts you can fit while showcasing your sense of style. A well-appointed guest bathroom can leave a powerful impression on your guests. Create an inviting environment that will be sure to impress your friends and family.

On Point 

One of the main considerations in a guest bathroom is storage. Because this room is traditionally low on space, it is essential to have all the necessities to make your guest feel welcome. A Bathroom Butler heated towel rail is a great storage solution for towels, especially for overnight guests who will need a fresh, dry towel every morning. The heated towel rail dries bath towels quickly and easily which means fewer laundry loads for you – the host.


Floating on Air 

The washbasin is no longer a functional necessity if chosen well it can act as a key design element and impact the overall look of the bathroom space. Include floating or wall-mounted basins and vanities which are ideal for tight corners and small spaces as they give the illusion that they are simply floating above the floor, as a result, the bathroom feels more spacious. Do your research and go for a product that is long-lasting and durable with great design and aesthetic appeal like the basins from BETTE – a little more spend on the initial investment pays off in the long run.


Bold Colour and Pretty Patterns

Play with tile patterns and tile sizes or the direction the tiles are laid, for example, use skinny tiles in a bright, bold colour for the shower while keeping the rest of the design in your bathroom relatively neutral will help create a focal feature with a designer look and feel.


Finishing touches 

Little styling touches will really help bring five-star-hotel glamour in your own guest bathroom at home, include bathroom accessories and tapware in a Matte Black finish. LIQUIDRed places great emphasis on quality construction, smart engineering and good looks. Putting a little bit of effort here can have a stunning overall effect for the final look.


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