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Bathrooms May 17, 2020

AXOR Places of Origin: Culture of Craftsmanship

With the brand campaign, AXOR Places, launching this spring, the design brand explores the very personal Places of Memory of well-known design partners, such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Phoenix Design or Barber & Osgerby.

“We connected the very personal `Places of Memory´ of AXOR design partners with the individualization possibilities that the AXOR MyEdition faucet collection offers: maximum freedom in the choice of materiality for the mounting plate”, explains Anke Sohn, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing. She continues: “Inspired by the recollection of a certain encounter, of a mood, of an adventure, of a ‘place of memory’, we transport a certain material that is reminiscent of that place into the here and now. Thus a piece of the world materializes in the appearance of the individual faucet”.

Not only the material’s origin, but also its journey of conversion is considered. “With portraits of craftsmen, we are not only focusing on our design partners and the creatives behind the brand, but also on the craft itself, the materiality, and the origin of our products”, Sohn continues.

AXOR MyEdition is renowned for its beauty, for its uniqueness that separates itself from the masses with its flawless curves and perfect plane of the product. The AXOR MyEdition range was named because of its ability to speak to anyone. There are over 225 possibilities when it comes to choosing materials, covers and designs inside your bathroom.

The finest materials give AXOR MyEdition an exclusive appearance: marble, wood, leather.

AXOR is currently running a brand campaign – AXOR Places, where they explore the very personal Places of Memory of well-known design partners as well as Places of Origin exploring the culture of craftsmanship.

We invite you to take part in the AXOR AFRICA EDITION COMPETITION.

Let your African pride take over your mind and create your own African inspired MyEdition plate and/or moodboard.

Contact Hansgrohe for more information and to receive the starter pack with all the necessary info.


You could win:

  • a AXOR Shower head.
  • A chance for your plate design to be made for you.
  • Bragging rights
  • Media exposure

On the brand website you can view all the craftsmen stories and find out all about the latest products.

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