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Nov 27, 2019

Axor: Meet Designer Antonio Citterio

Meet Antonio Citterio – a man for whom design is the water of life.

Antonio Citterio is one of AXOR’s flagship designers, featuring in three collections since 2001. He is an architect, a designer; a perfectionist. His impact on Italian design has been well documented for almost half a century now, and his hand has played its part in the whole spectrum. From hotel bathrooms to private suite designs, Citterio has an incredible wealth of experience.

His creed is rather simple. “If you enjoy the ritual of washing every day, you should be able to enjoy using beautiful products for it,” he once stated.

Citterio is the mind behind three amazing collections for AXOR. The first is AXOR Citterio, a reference to the neoclassicism architectural style of 1930’s Italy. This collection features consistent angular and round design, forming a highly rational, precise wash basin and shower combination for the bathroom. This flat look comes across as monumental when featured with the right lighting.

The second is AXOR Citterio M, a modern look, defined by international style and avant-garde elements. This collection is plain and simple, without ornamentation or embellishment. In fact, the entire look is slim, tall and delicate; perfect for the urban lifestyle and urban liver.

The third collection is AXOR Citterio E, a harmonic design created to balance out opposites. The concept is based on the Pythagorean concept of yester-era and is obsessed with perfect proportions. In this collection, Citterio has combined round and square shapes, balancing old and new, classic and modern, yin and yang in one beautiful bathroom.


Citterio was born in 1950 in Meda, Italy. He designed his first piece of furniture in his father’s workshop and received an award at the age of 18 for a cupboard design. He opened his first studio at 22, while studying architecture at Milan Polytechnic. In 1999 he founded the Antonio Citterio and Partners studio with Patricia Viel.

AXOR – Form follows perfection!

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