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Bathrooms Jun 23, 2022

Axor: A Homeowner’s Labour of Love

AXOR’s timeless elegance becomes a centrepiece in a beloved home.

When attorney Danie Barnard and his wife Janine purchased their dream home in Lukasrand, Pretoria, five years ago, they shared a vision to transform the space into a home that represented their personal style. Following a lengthy renovation process, the Barnard family has finally moved into their personal design masterpiece, complete with a full-sized antique billiard table and signature AXOR MyEdition Brushed Black Chrome bathroom fittings finishing off this modern design marvel.

A timeless extension

Nestled between leafy Muckleneuk and Groenkloof on the outskirts of South Africa’s famous capital city, Lukasrand in southeast Pretoria forms a picturesque backdrop for a home five years in the making. The house, originally designed by renowned architect John Claassen, was extended with the help of former Springbok Rugby Captain (now an architect) Wynand Claassen (no direct relation). The home has 360-degree views of its lush surroundings, and its horse-shoe shaped layout paints a warm, welcoming backdrop for its world-class interior design.

“When we added the design of the home, we were determined to stay true and respectful to John Claassen’s original vision,” says Danie. He continues, “The windows, for example, are all solid kiaat wood with John Claassen’s trademark louvres. We had some of the most renowned carpenters recreate the look of these for our extensions. The devil is in the details.

“We brought in some of the most capable artisans in the country to get the details right. The staircase running down to the billiard room alone took three months to build. The room now houses a full-sized Burroughes and Watts billiard table made in around 1918.”

Impressive details and stand out finishes

No detail was left to chance, and some of the most impressive touches stand out in the bathrooms and kitchens. Every bathroom in the Barnard’s home is uniformly fitted with AXOR MyEdition Brushed Black Chrome mixers. The sleek, minimalist mixers are striking centrepieces in every basin and beside the home’s luxurious bathtubs.

The main bathroom’s sizeable bathtub, which looks out over a canopy of Lukasrand’s green trees, is masterfully finished off with the AXOR MyEdition floor-standing bath mixer. The mixer cuts a striking, dark silhouette, in deep contrast to the clean white ceramic bath finish.

Danie adds, “With our taps, showerheads and bathroom fittings, from the domestic worker’s quarters to the bedroom, we have complete uniformity. It was important to us that the look and feel were consistent throughout the whole house. Our kitchen mixers are also all made by AXOR, so the same look carries through into our other living spaces too.”

Matching white basins in each bathroom are complemented by the strong geometry the MyEdition basin mixers are famed for, and for a touch of colour and freshness, leafy green wallpaper tops off the bathroom’s superior design.

Unlimited possibilities

With AXOR MyEdition, there are almost unlimited customisation options – from polished gold optic to the brushed black chrome the Barnards chose for their dream space.

Danie adds, “The house is all made up of straight lines. When we chose our taps, we needed something that made a minimalist statement and fitted into the geometry of the home. The MyEdition taps certainly make a big statement. As soon as you walk into any of the bathrooms or the kitchen, the fittings instantly demand your attention.

“We also had to find a colour that matched the general grey and darker tones throughout the house. The Brushed Black Chrome is the perfect accent to the existing design.”

AXOR MyEdition combines clear, linear design with a uniquely creative twist. Each tap has a cover plate that can be personalised in various surface finishes and colours for that extra touch of individualism and creativity. The Barnard’s iconic home in Pretoria is a testament to the power of a homeowner’s vision, looming proudly over the capital city like a monument to great design.

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