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Bathrooms Apr 26, 2024

Autumn Refresh with Mosaico Vero

Autumn is a season of transition, with temperatures gradually dropping. It is the perfect time to update your home’s interior and add warmth with Mosaico Vero.

Redecorating before Autumn ensures that your space feels comfortable and allows you to welcome the new season with a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Autumn colors such as deep reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows make your home feel cozy and comfortable. It adds depth and visual interest to your interior, creating a layered and appealing space. Many Autumn colors have timeless quality and transcend seasonal trends, allowing you to enjoy them the entire year without feeling outdated and out of style.
A great color to start with is burnt orange. It is a warm and inviting color that creates a cozy atmosphere while complimenting earthy tones, rich jewel tones, metallic accents, and neutral materials such as wood. Using our Rebels Terracotta Gloss 50x150x8.5mm tile around your fireplace will enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort. The warm tones of the burnt orange reflect the colors of Autumn.
Let’s remember what a difference remodeling your bathroom can make. Wood is a natural material that is an excellent complement to Autumn. Paring our Savvy Oak – Type Z Basin 810x450x505mm wood-look vanity with our Aquarelle O Greige 750x300x10mm rounded tile will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom. The warm grey of the tile serves as a neutral backdrop that allows the warmth and beauty of the wood to shine through. The pairing offers a classic and sophisticated look that can adapt to various interior styles, as the wood and warm grey complement a wide range of colors and materials. The vanity also boosts luxurious quality- handmade with soft, close features.

As the days get shorter and the schedules get busier, having low-maintenance installations means spending less time on cleaning and upkeep. Our wood-look wall panels are perfect for this. Available in 2 different sizes, the Model D Hazelnut 160x15x2900mm rounded wall panel goes well with an organic flowing interior. Our Model U Hazelnut 165x25x2900mm square panel suits a geometric look. These panels are for indoor use and are easy to install; they stretch from floor to ceiling, making for a seamless finish in standard-height rooms.

As the crisp Autumn breeze calls, let your home embrace the season’s warmth and charm with these refreshing interior ideas.

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