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Jul 25, 2018

Transform Your Attic Into A Stylish Bathroom

You know that space above the house that you have been using for storage and miscellaneous tasks. Now imagine being able to transform this underutilised area into a stylish attic bathroom! You’ll not only add value to your home but soon enough, you’ll be able to boast a whole new functional space!

Attics are often ideal for bathroom transformations as these spaces often boast awkward shapes and sizes that can’t really be used as a bedroom or larger living space. A bathroom is therefore ideal as you can maximise the nooks and crannies and create a truly stylish yet functional space, even in small parameters.

An attic bathroom may be filled with quirky features – slanting ceilings, small windows and more! Your first bet would be to chat with a professional about your renovation needs and find out what the best layout would be for your space. Is the space structurally sound and will it be able to function as a proper bathroom?

Next, be sure to budget for the plumbing, which is possibly the more costly part of a bathroom renovation. If you’re building above an existing bathroom or kitchen, then piping may be much simpler than anticipated as will need to extend directly upward to create a functional bathroom.

Lighting is essential, so you may need to install windows or skylights in your bathroom to maximise the natural lighting in this space. Invest in good electrical work so that you can also install adequate task lighting in your new attic bathroom!

Finally, before you add all the final touches with modern sanitaryware to suit your needs, be sure to check the weight and height of your chosen finishes. Slanted ceilings may mean that your shower be custom built into the space. The weight of a heavy freestanding tub will also need to be checked prior to purchase.

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