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Bathrooms Sep 30, 2021

Afrikano Tile & Decor: Bathroom Trends 2022

We’ve just arrived in the final quarter of 2021! Where has the time gone? As we approach the festive season, we’re also eagerly anticipating the latest design trends and looks of 2022. Here are 6 bathroom trends we’re definitely looking forward to…

The Two-in-One Shower

We’ve seen big curvaceous baths and large showers fill contemporary bathrooms. However, the latest trend sees both combined into one glorious piece. A bath placed inside a large shower in a two-in-one installation. The two-in-one shower and bath concept is being reinvented. Now, instead of a cramped tub with a showerhead and shower curtains, a glass divider holds a full shower and­ tub. It’s a wonderful solution for those who like maximizing practicality and convenience.

Double Shower Heads

Two showerheads are better than one, right? This trend calls for a bigger shower with twin shower heads on opposite ends. The ultimate spoil in a luxurious bathroom! Top tip: Choose bold sanitaryware in contrast to your bathroom’s finishes. This will give your shower a little added drama and definition.

The Wet Room

Say goodbye to divisions in one compact bathroom – perfectly laid out as a wet room. The wet room provides the interior shell that can withstand the wet conditions of a shower, and simplifies the rest. For one thing, you don’t need a separate shower cubicle – the bath, sink, and shower can all fit in the same compartment. It’s compact, simple and streamlined. And furthermore, it’s a great way to maximise space.


Cool Blues

When it comes to colour choices in your bathroom for 2022, we think blue holds its own. It has a way of creating a soothing, tranquil and inviting space. Perfect for a modern bathroom. Opt for a feature wall or floors in cool blue tiles as a pop of colour and interest.

Earthy Slate

Earthy tones are a great way to embrace an organic look in the bathroom. After its introduction years ago, slate has steadily increased in popularity. It’s easy to see why with such a natural dark look and organic grain. Slate is beautiful and timeless and a welcome addition to a modern bathroom design. A go-to trend in 2022!


Chevron has been around for years, but we’re expecting a twist on this old favourite in 2022 and beyond. This time the zigzag or v-shaped pattern pushes the boundaries with different coloured ceramics, stone, or glass. Come the new year, bathroom interiors will be splashing on this Art Deco detail as a beautiful talking point!

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