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 5 Top Bathroom Trends for 2022

The new year brings the promise of new beginnings, ushering in the opportunity of transforming your bathroom into an idyllic place of relaxation.  From spa like luxury to expressing yourself with dramatic flair, the bathroom is set to become your own sumptuous haven of indulgence.

Jeeves Spartan Boxx

We take a look at the 5 top bathroom trends set to reshape the bathroom in 2022.

  1. Feature walls

Feature walls are a big bathroom trend in the upcoming year.  Known for adding character and vibrancy to a room, this décor element draws your eyes through its striking visual impact.  And the captivating design of the Spartan Boxx is the perfect accessory to do just that.  With its single border extending around the outer edge as a rectangular frame of this design, this heated towel rail elevates the bathroom wall into a work of art, creating a mesmerising visual display.

Here, the interplay of form and function heralds the new year with a breathtaking look and feel, drawing attention with a visually exciting impact together with the sublime indulgence of gently warmed up towel to complete the perfect bathroom experience. 


Jeeves Classic C Polished

2. Innovation

With technology becoming more and more central in our lives, innovation is high up on the list of the latest bathroom trends for 2022 set to reinvigorate the bathroom space with cutting edge designs.   Here, reinvention is key, customising the space with a fresh interpretation which restyles traditional bathroom elements.

When it comes to design innovation, look no further than the Jeeves Tangent Ladder L.  With an impressive length of 1890mm, this unique design combines function and style, providing an ideal place for towel storage while bringing an unique look to the bathroom space. Inspired by the regular every day ladder, this model merges technology and aesthetics, bringing a definitive edge to the bathroom of the upcoming year, making a sophisticated impact to the bathroom space.

Jeeves Tangent L Ladder Black

3.  Sustainability

Eco-friendly bathroom products and solutions are a key focus area in the upcoming trends. This on point ethos is an integral part of each heated towel rail in the Jeeves range. With a focus on saving energy and using recyclable materials, Jeeves has been awarded membership of the Green Building Council SA. 

Offering two energy efficient heated towel rail options, Jeeves Heated Towel Rails champions best practices which use resources efficiently, minimising impact and addressing climate change.  

The first option being the electric units with intelligent Automatic Heating Technology (AHT) which constantly regulates temperature and operating times, giving you a constant supply of deliciously dry towels. This allows your towels to stay fresh for longer, reducing washing and tumble drying, further contributing to the environment by saving on water and electricity.

The second option is the eco-friendly Hydronic installation where the towel rail is heated via the homes’ recirculating hot water system. Additionally, hydronic heated towel rails powered by solar generated hot water together with a wholly solar powered circulation pump results in ZERO running costs! Used extensively in central heating systems in the UK and Europe for over twenty years, even making use of an electric circulation pump on hydronic heating systems will result in negligible running costs due to the very low wattage ratings of these appliances, helping you to make a valuable contribution to sustaining our planet while enjoying the pleasure of gently heated towels.

 4. Spa retreat

With people spending more time at home over the last 20 months, the trend of the indulgent spa-like bathroom continues into the new year.   This look combines luxury with tranquility, converting the bathroom into your own private oasis of pampering relaxation.  The Classic C is one of the perfect heated towel rails suiting this look to a tee.  Combining charm with a chic essence, this design invites a sensory experience of luxurious indulgence.

With a length of 915mm, this perfectly sized design brings a blissful serenity to the bathroom space.  Add to this the groups of closely spaced bars for increased surface area and heat density, and you have the pleasure of heavenly dry towels gently warmed, setting the tone for unforgettable moments, crowned by the delights of a constant supply of heated towels throughout the year.

Jeeves Alto_Black

5. Luxury

Luxury gets a big ‘yes’ among the top bathroom trends list for 2022. Bringing charm and indulgence, this trend sets the bathroom aside as a place where you get to unwind and rejuvenate in a pampered space.  And when it comes to the luxe look and experience, the Quadro Six does it all.  This contemporary heated towel rail brings the best of both worlds:  the modern geometric edginess of a square frame set against the softer, rounder curves of the inner horizontal bars.

Imbued with a minimalist aesthetic, the simplicity of this model serves to accentuate these contrasting design elements, bringing an uncluttered look to the room to create a spaciousness associated with a luxurious feel.  The result is a striking luxe look of a boutique hotel, celebrating a bathroom experience of total relaxation and escapism.

6. Wrapping Up

The new year sees the bathroom coming into its own as a stylish space of personal expression. These trends place priority on the bathroom as an experience – a place of relaxation where you can linger at the beginning of a new day or leave the cares behind with the setting sun.

New exciting décor ideas bring the opportunity to create a space that dreams are made of – an indulgentsolution with décor elements which allow you to enjoy a taste of heaven right on your doorstep, savouring a year-round holiday experience in the comfort of your own home without even having to step outside your front door.


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