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5 heated towel rails ideal for smaller bathrooms

Feeling restricted by a smaller sized bathroom?  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Done right with strategic décor concepts and the ideal accessories, you can create a bright, spacious oasis of relaxation. And when it comes to accessories, Jeeves can certainly weigh in with more than an idea or two.  Here are our top tips to transform your bathroom into your favourite room in the house.

Jeeves Classic H White


  1.  Keep colours light and bright

Want to inject a sense of vibrancy into a small bathroom? Look no further than the different finishes of Jeeves Heated Towel Rails. From matt finishes of black, white, and matt brushed to the delicate touch of the antique rose, pearl gold and mirror polished – you will be spoilt for choice.  Colour is also perfect for adding character to your room.  Choose a compact option such as the Jeeves Classic H and you are set to enjoy a haven of indulgence – your own private retreat which uplifts your spirits, bringing an experience of pampering to your bath time routine.

2. Get creative

Playing in a space with limited square meterage means experimenting with creative solutions for the bathroom.  The floor and glass mounted Spartan F model allows you to do just that.  Bringing a sophisticated look to the room, this heated towel rail can be placed almost flush against the shower door, minimizing the need to take up any additional space while adding a new aesthetic dimension to the room. The result is a chic ambience combined with the luxe indulgence of a toasty dry towel, transforming your bath time into a sublime experience.


Jeeves Floor Glass Mounted Spartan-F

Jeeves Floor Glass Mounted Spartan-F

3.Turn up the pampering

Who says that luxury is just for bigger bathrooms?  Think style.  Think elegance. Think creating a distinctive look.  Yes, these effects are easily achievable in the smaller space too. There’s even room to add a touch of glam with a captivating heated towel rail like the Quadro Six.

Inspired by a yin-yang capacity to perfectly meld contrasts into a harmonious whole, this towel warmer combines understated simplicity with a visually enticing appeal: a sleek, squared off frame set against the rounded inner bars – all in service to providing you with a blissful experience of towels warmed up to perfection.


Jeeves Quadro Six Black

4. Time to dazzle

Just because you’re dealing with a small space, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on breathtaking appeal. In fact, this is an opportunity to indulge your creativity in transforming the bathroom into your own secluded sanctuary with a heated towel rail like the streamlined Tangent Ladder L.  With its trendsetting design creating a mesmerising silhouette, this heated towel rail brings the added benefit of ample storage space, courtesy of its ladder-esque steps, making it a winner in both the aesthetic and functionality departments, maximising bathroom space and your experience too!

Jeeves Tangent L Heated Ladder Rail_Antique Rose Gold

5. On tap serenity

With on point storage ideas, savvy planning, and strategic accessories there are plenty of ways to achieve the Zen-like space you’ve dreamed of.  And when it comes to nifty accessories, think no further than the Tangent M – a towel warmer with a shelf just made for your rolled up towels and the added benefit of a vertical extension for your bath towel.

The result is a serene spa-like effect with a continuous supply of warmed up towels just waiting to be used.

Wrapping up

When it comes to small bathrooms, you are invited to think outside the box, providing an opportunity to stretch your imagination with décor possibilities.  By incorporating strategies and adding unique, eye-catching accessories, you get to set the scene for your daily indulgence.

From colours to contours, the possibilities are endless.

It’s time to say hello to a whole new world! 

Jeeves Tangent M Polished Stainless


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