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Bathrooms Feb 10, 2021

Tile Africa: 4 ways to create a romantic bathroom for your home with Tile Africa

Be inspired by the month of love and bring a feeling of romance to your bathroom by creating a Victorian-inspired design that is both elegant and stylish; a space dedicated to rest, pampering and romance. Read on for Tile Africa’s top 4 ways to create a romantic bathroom for your home.

Romancing the bath

Nothing says luxury quite like a freestanding bath and tap mixer. If you have the space, and budget allows, this is a key element in creating the ultimate romantic bathroom. A slipper bath with its distinctive sloping design and claw-feet, is the perfect choice for this style, exposing more of the floor, giving room for you to experiment with monochromatic mosaics, marble-look patterns or tiles laid out in a classic black and white checkerboard.

A pair of freestanding or wall-mounted basins with EVOX Victoria taps is the perfect choice to complete the look.


Pampering showers

A shower can also be a luxurious and romantic option. Think of a walk-in shower with a clear glass shower panel which lets in lots of natural light, or the soft glow of candles. Indulge in a great shower experience with an extra-large shower rose that mimics raindrops or a multi-spray shower which can make one feel pampered and relaxed, creating a wonderfully romantic frame of mind.


The colour of love


Blend modern design with vintage styling for a romantic bathroom that allows for relaxation and pampering through a choice of monochromatic tones that vary from elegant white, to sophisticated black with pops of colour. Embracing a monochromatic palette for the bathroom allows for splashes of inspirational colour, to suit your mood or seasonal trends. Think passionate reds and soft romantic pinks or keep to the timeless appeal of black and white.


Setting the mood


The final touch is to set the mood with candles, delicate scents and fresh flowers. Lighting is one of the most essential and often overlooked element when creating a bathroom and particularly a romantic atmosphere. The light within the space influences how we feel and perceive the room. Look for options that are easy to control and which are adjustable for different moods.


For a truly indulgent and sensory experience, a vintage-inspired look is sure to provide you with the romantic bathroom you’ve always wanted.  Start your journey to the perfect romantic bathroom for your home with Tile Africa’s selection of bathroomware.

Contact Tile Africa for more information or visit your nearest store and ask a Design Advisor for help www.tileafrica.co.za/findastore.


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