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We tell our legendary tales from Africa through art…Set against the backdrop of an enchanting Zululand, our tales are richly textured with all that we have learned from our elders. Unveiling new horizons in art, we blend myth, legend and magic in each art piece, capturing the charm of our people, our creatures and our customs.

Working with ethically harvested Nguni hides, we strengthen our connection to land and nature, allowing the diversity of colours from the beautiful Zulu cattle complement the inspiration behind each tale.

And so we catch dappled sunlight dancing over a rhino with her calf, or create the atmosphere of awe as an elephant emerges from the darkness of night into the moonlight…

In the heart of Zululand, elders gather around firesides to share their tales. This is the hearth of collective consciousness where flickering flames illuminate the traditional screen of life. Images larger than life loom and dance across the cave walls breathing life into heroic tales and embedding the elders’ silhouetted gems of wisdom in the archives of imagination.


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