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Complex Classics-Flower of Life Chandelier & Wall Sconce
by Willowlamp

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    Complex Classics-Flower of Life Chandelier & Wall Sconce by

    This is an award-winning chandelier design. This is willowlamp’s original and iconic lighting design collection, based on the sacred geometry known as the Flower of life. This is an elegant and intricate multiple-leveled chandelier that is evocative of a classic 1920s style. It is available as both a ceiling mounted or suspended model in three sizes and is now also available as a wall sconce. We create these as grand large-scale statement pieces and also scale these to large, medium, and smaller sizes.

    About Willowlamp


     As a recognized, award-winning design company, willowlamp produces bespoke lighting.

    From massive architectural ceiling scape installations to showstopping chandeliers, pendants and lamps, as well as a move towards artful line and word art pieces.

    Our success story began with a simple idea: a patented notch system by willowlamp’s founder and creative director, Adam Hoets.

    This design method allows strands of metal ball chains to be notched into laser-cut stainless-steel frames.

    Our light designs are inspired by nature and the principles of sacred geometry.  Bespoke lighting by Adam Hoets celebrates the beauty surrounding us from flowers to enchanted forests, seashells, rivers, storms and galaxies.  Our luxury lighting designs bring life and light to large and small spaces across the globe.  We work with renowned architects and interior designers across residential and hospitality projects to deliver unique decorative lighting.’


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