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Amanda Mudcloth Black / Natural (My Africa) Throw
by Kobo Africa

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    Amanda Mudcloth Black / Natural (My Africa) Throw by
    Kobo Africa

    Introducing our MyAfrica Mudcloth Throw, a stunning blend of tradition and contemporary style. This throw is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Mali's Bambara people and their traditional mudcloth, known as Bògòlanfini.

    Whether you drape it over your sofa, use it as a bedspread, or enjoy it during outdoor gatherings, the MyAfrica Mudcloth Throw adds a touch of cultural significance and style to any space.

    Elevate your decor with this exceptional piece that pays homage to the rich cultural traditions of Mali.

    Size: 130x180cm

    Fabric: 100% Super Soft Acrylic

    About Kobo Africa

    KOBO Africa is an online business that specializes in high quality South African-made blankets and throws. Our range includes a contemporary decor range, the Basotho Heritage blankets, and the MyAfrica collection that celebrates the colourful cultural heritage of Africa. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality products and showcasing the vibrancy of African cultures to the world. With a carefully curated range of products across prices, designs, colours, and yarns, we have something for everyone. KOBO Africa is based in Johannesburg and our products are available for purchase online.


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