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    COVERiTe by
    iTe Products

    COVERiTe is a high-performance Industrial Floor Coating. A α Silane-Modified Polymer based on -silane technology for the impregnation of substrates or as a thin layer colour coating. COVERiTe® has low odour, making it suitable for use in areas adjacent to those that are occupied. COVERiTe® imparts high stain-resistance when applied as an impregnation or as a coating (e.g against stains like coffee, tea, ketchup, orange juice, ink, red wine, household and engine oils etc).

    About iTe Products

    Since 2003, iTe Products has been developing and manufacturing best in class cement based products to meet the challenges of South Africa’s construction and flooring installation industries. We believe that today’s buildings and floors should endure and add to rather than detract from the built and organic ecosystems, and deliver quality results and peace of mind for our customers and end users. We offer you a complete range of high-quality, high performance, eco-friendly construction and flooring installation products made in South Africa, for South Africa. And backed by the famous iTe Products warranty.


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