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Tiomos Hinge
by Grass Pty Ltd

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    Tiomos Hinge by
    Grass Pty Ltd

    Tiomos. Enjoy the beauty of movement.

    With Tiomos, a vision has become reality.

    Hinges were known in ancient times. With Tiomos, GRASS is opening a new chapter that will inspire the furniture-making of tomorrow. The development of Tiomos has benefited from several decades of know-how and experience. All details and functions have been reconsidered and developed from basic principles over years of research. The result is a highly elegant movement system that already today fulfils all the technical and functional requirements of tomorrow.

    About Grass Pty Ltd

    A dynamic company, and an innovative quality brand that is known the world over. GRASS is positioned as the premium supplier of high quality movement systems to the Kitchen and furniture-manufacturing industry. Grass delivers a comprehensive range of Hinge and Drawer sliding systems, as well as lift-up mechanism from its manufacturing facilities in Austria and Germany. The Company also distributes several other complementary products from various other quality manufacturers.

    We are showing the first 8mm thin drawer side in the world, Vionaro V8 and also the Kinvaro T-Slim, both products allowing you to design drawers and flap doors of 2m wide respectively. This puts GRASS apart from any other supplier, showcasing leadership in innovation once again!




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