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Lemoen Lithium Battery & Must Inverter
by Cosave Powerbuild

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    Lemoen Lithium Battery & Must Inverter by
    Cosave Powerbuild

    Experience longer-lasting power with Lemoen Eco 2.56kWh Li-Ion Battery. With a capacity of 2.56kWh and efficient 100Ah 25.6V configuration, enjoy reliable energy storage.

    Efficient charging with bulk charge voltage of 28.8Vdc and float charge range of 26.4-26.8Vdc maximizes battery lifespan. Reliable performance with a max charge/discharge rate of 100A powers your essential devices and appliances. Power your life with Lemoen Lithium Batteries—run lights, fans, TVs, and charge devices effortlessly.

    Embrace energy independence with reliable and efficient Lemoen Eco Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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