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Bo Laundry Bin
by Brabantia SA

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    Bo Laundry Bin by
    Brabantia SA

    Brabantia makes laundry day a fashionable event, with the 2x45 litre Bo Laundry Bin Hi. The cabinet-like design makes it a great decoration piece in the bedroom or bathroom. But there’s more to this laundry bin than lovely looks! Like its perfect height, smart ventilation holes and the two-compartment laundry bag inside for sorting laundry at the source. The nifty lid has a clever Quick-drop opening, significantly increasing the chance that the clothes of your family members actually end up in this laundry bin. The lid can be put upright too.

    About Brabantia SA

    Chores are a part of life that we all have to do so you might as well ‘enjoy the doing’. That’s where Brabantia comes in. Bringing you innovative products, designed to make those daily tasks more enjoyable, beautiful and sustainable. The secret of our success? We delight our consumers by combining design and quality they can enjoy every day, for as long as they want.

    Brabantia has been around for a while, celebrating our 100th birthday in 2019. Founded in 1919 by a team of 15, it has since grown into an international brand employing over 1,000 people and trading in 90 countries around the world.

    We also love our planet as much as you do. That’s why we design recyclability into all our products, helping you to do your part for the planet too when you purchase from us. Like kitchen tools with double functions, waste bins designed for separating waste, drying racks and rotary dryers for natural drying, jars that prevent food waste and even smart ironing board covers for more effective ironing. On top of that, we support big and small initiatives that make the world more beautiful.


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