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Why Choose House of Supreme Decorative Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters can easily change the look of your home and fit in with an array of design schemes including a minimalist home. Today we are looking at the many benefits of decorative aluminium shutters from House of Supreme and how these can be used to enhance your abode.

Protection against the elements

At House of Supreme, decorative aluminium shutters are protected against the elements by applying a powder coating to the shutters that are also UV resistant. This means they can be installed indoors or outdoors and require much less maintenance than wooden shutters.

Solid construction of decorative aluminium shutters

Decorative aluminium shutters from House of Supreme have many aspects that set them apart from the other products on the market.

  • The first is that House of Supreme’s aluminium shutters are manufactured in their local factories situated in Johannesburg which are distributed to their showrooms across the country so that you can save by purchasing directly from the supplier.
  • All the aluminium used in their products are recycled, making their products green.
  • One of the largest parts of their business is research and development so that they continuously bring you the latest technology on the market at the best prices.
  • They have the only aluminium shutters on the market to include a ring pool and flush bolts, making them aesthetically pleasing.
  • These ring pools and flush bolts are specifically made for House of Supreme installations which make the fit unique to the product.
  • Slim run L-frames are available on all aluminium shutter frames, making the installation more solid, while remaining sleek and modern.
  • The House of Supreme aluminium frame height is only 10mm allowing more light into your rooms, which again adds to the sleek and stylish look you may strive for.
  • The same hinges are used in both the decorative shutters and security shutters, which are superior quality and cannot be knocked out without major force.
  • A silicon gasket is used to block out light between the shutter louvres on the bi-fold shutters when closed.
  • An unique louvre design consists of a ridge on the ends to block light out when they are closed.
  • Also, unique to the decorative aluminium shutters design is an internally installed tilt rod, which is the same as the security shutters, giving a clear line of sight.
  • Installations also include a Vet frame – along with a slimline or a slimline L frame. This is again for the aesthetics.
  • Applications of aluminium shutters can also be hinge, bi-fold and bypass if required making them very versatile.

This is a real mouthful, but as you can see from the above, there are so many amazing aspects making these decorative aluminium shutters unique while saving you money. House of Supreme take great pride in not only providing a superior product but a qualified team who provide outstanding advice and service.

Why not contact House of Supreme today for more.

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