Swartland is Ready-2-Fit

Swartland’s innovative Ready-2-Fit range of wooden windows and doors come pre-glazed and pre-sealed directly from the factory – saving you time and money.

In the past, wooden windows and doors came with their own set of problems. Installation methods were often not able to guarantee perfect results due to inconsistent levels of workmanship. Also, any raw timber products left outdoors on-site were at the mercy of the elements until they were installed, glazed and sealed. Any exposure to rain or damp conditions could lead to serious long-term damage of the timber. Installation was also a very timeous procedure, and to properly maintain timber windows and doors, you needed to sand them down and reseal them on a regular basis, which is an arduous and laborious job.

The solution: Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit range With the launch of Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit range however, all the aforementioned problems are a thing of the past. Cobus Lourens, National Sales Manager for Swartland, explains: “The Ready-2-Fit range of wooden windows and doors are professionally sealed and glazed before they leave the Swartland factory, so that when they arrive on the building site, they are ready to be installed with no further labour required to seal or glaze them.

“This not only saves the builder and homeowner time and money on installation costs, but it also ensures that the windows and doors are adequately protected against exposure to the elements. It also vastly increases the overall build quality – ensuring that the windows and doors are finished to Swartland’s exacting standards and therefore, ensuring that any warranties are upheld,” he explains.
Cobus lists some of the many benefits of the Ready-2-Fit range:

  • Pre-sealed: All Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit windows and doors are pre-sealed with high quality water-based sealant before they leave the factory to ensure unbeatable protection against the elements. The chosen water-based sealant is an environmentally-friendly sealant, with low VOC emissions, it is UV- and water-resistant, non-flammable, lead-free, and it contains anti-fungal properties. It will also offer years of protection from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures, humidity, cold, rain and sunlight. To cater for darker colours, such as Teak and Imbuia for example, the water-based sealant contains heat-reflective pigments that lower the surface temperature of the wood to reduce natural movement.
  • No more sanding required: What really makes this water-based sealant a real winner is the fact that it makes wooden windows and doors a synch to maintain in the long-term. Simply wash and wipe them down to restore them to their original beauty.
  • All glazing is taken care of: All windows and doors in the range come pre-glazed with standard 4mm glass or 6,38mm safety glass, in accordance with the National Building Regulations. A variety of other types of glazing, such as double-glazing and Low-E glass for example, is also available on request.
  • Compliance with the National Building Regulations and Consumer Protection Act: Swartland continuously tests its products to ensure that they are compliant with the National Building Regulations. The Ready-2-Fit range is tested for deflection, structural strength, water-resistance, air-tightness, operating forces, and the best possible energy efficiency. As a result, all Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit windows have unique mechanical property values, from A1 to A4, assigned to them.

Cobus concludes: “With all the benefits inherent in the new Ready-2-Fit range – it really should be the only choice for superlative buildings and homes alike.” Visit www.swartland.co.za for more information.


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