Plantation Shutters: Quality, practical and aesthetic shutters

People have used timber shutters for their windows for hundreds of years, primarily because of the durability, classic style and easy maintenance that shutters provide. They are still thought of as a standard fixture on historical buildings – from Italy to New England.

It is difficult to determine the exact origins of shutters, but it is widely believed that they were first used in ancient Greece in order to provide light control, ventilation and protection in their tropical environment. Shutters were originally constructed with fixed louvres made out of marble. Eventually, the concept of shutters spread throughout the Mediterranean, and the form began to change. Wood started to replace marble as a more suitable material, and designers started developing movable louvre shutters to allow varying amounts of light and air into a room.
Woodwork, such as window shutters and mouldings, became the main decorative elements in smaller houses in early 18th century England, and as the Spanish started colonising in America, they brought shutters to the New World. Decadent mansions in the South used shutters, and the term “plantation shutters” is derived from this era. Plantation Shutters are durable, have a timeless classic style, and are maintenance free. Their stylish design combined with practicality, which stretch from light and air control, to added security have made these shutters a desirable item in any home.
Today, you no longer need to be a sugar or cotton baron to have your own plantation shutters, with Plantation Shutters producing a high quality, personalised and custom-designed solution. Their shutters have been installed in some of the top celebrity and designer homes and hotels in South Africa. Plantation Shutters can also be used as partitions or room dividers within the home, as well as externally to enclose a patio. 100% locally crafted, their adjustable louvre, solid timber and security shutters offer a 5 and 12 year guarantee, respectively.


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