Perfect the Layered Look with Windovert

Using layered window treatments in your interiors will add style, texture and warmth to your rooms. Here are some tips to help you embrace the layered look thanks to the professionals from Windovert!

Light: If you are after an open, light room that allows maximum natural light in, then this option proves that the layered look doesn’t have to look heavy. Combine white venetian blinds with sheer drops and you have a beautiful airy room! Shutters: By using drapes and shutters together on a window you allow for complete privacy when needed as well as partial for sun and light control.

This multiple window treatment setup allows for a variety of light and privacy configurations. Woven: Combining thick drapes with bamboo blinds is a great way of tying in the décor of the room. Not only does it add dimension but it also adds personality to your room! Solar: Roller blinds are a great way of reducing energy and protecting furniture, add a woven blind to the mix and faux drapes and the result is a relaxing, sophisticated effect. So many options for a trendy, layered look. You can’t go wrong! Happy layering!

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