Luxaflex: Laundry Room Ideas That Work

Whether you see it as an opportunity for mindfulness, a place to create order or to get down to business, laundry is an inescapable part of life. Planning a laundry room that is pleasant to be in and works efficiently, is a great place to improve your daily grind.

Our friends from Luxaflex share some ideas on creating a laundry room that works well!

Giving Your Room A ‘Look’ Laundry room décor doesn’t have to be all practical and plain. There are lots of ways to make it more inviting.  If you aren’t going to have cupboard doors or integrated appliances, then you may want to keep to a neutral or white space with a contrast material such as a dark wood for a classical and luxurious look. If you have aluminium toned appliances you may opt for a bold paint or fun robust accessories like woven plastic washing baskets or coloured metal Venetian blinds.

Ergonomic Wins In Small Spaces A room that has good ergonomics (the study of best workplace flow), will account for all the tasks that need to be utilised here. First, you need to be able to see what you need to do, so task lighting and space planning go hand in hand. Where you will fold laundry will need good light, (a window if you are lucky during the day, and recessed spots above at night) or where you need to look through laundry products. Clever laundry storage ideas also cut back on work: if you fold sheets from the dryer, then ensure your airing cupboard storage is next to the dryer, so it’s one swift movement to lift from the machine. Same works with stacking a washing machine on top of a dryer, where heavy wet clothes can be slipped swiftly into the machine below.
Ideas Your Laundry Room Will Love A laundry room needs to be fit for purpose, and the best laundry room ideas should be easy to clean, fuss-free and promote good health. A utility room standard is wipe down paint or laundry tile ideas that don’t allow humidity, moisture or mildew to build up in this space. If you are using tiles, look for grout that repels moisture and defeats growth of bacteria, keeping the space wonderfully hygienic. And don’t just stick with the standard white; why not use a pattern or border of a bright yellow with a contrasting blue grout for a playful look.

Fresh doesn’t have to mean white; lots of other colours can feel energising and interesting. If your space is enclosed, look at eco paint so that you have less toxins released into an airless room. If you are lucky enough to have sunlight, use window coverings that can be wiped clean, or naturally moisture resistant blinds like a form wood blind or polyresin shutters and if you have windows that can open to let fresh air circulate, try a Duette® shade as they turn and tilt with the window.

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