The Best Trimming Ideas From Castellano Beltrame

A little trim can go a long way. Whether you add a fringe to a scatter cushion or totally revamp an existing drape, you can bring new life to your interior with little details that include easy trim ideas. Thankfully, Castellano Beltrame have us covered with the best trimming ideas and styles for a modern interior!

Spice Up The Bedroom

Do you have an old or outdated duvet cover that you no longer find appealing in the bedroom? Don’t toss it out! Simply upgrade your old bedding with a stunning trim to add colour, texture and new life to an older piece. Go for something bold to enhance your room’s design scheme and revamp your bedding to match your new style.

Customised Lighting

Add trim to an existing lampshade and give it a new lease on life. Simply choose a colour and pattern that you love and add a strip or trim with fringe to your lampshade to enhance the look.

For the Love of Tassels

Give your window treatments some definition with a tasselled edge. Simply add a vibrant tassel to the end of a roller blind and give it modern appeal to suit your personality. Tassels bring texture, colour and vibrancy to any room so choose something bold and bright to add colour and aesthetic value to your room.

Revamp Old Pillows

Whether you want to revamp your living room or bring a designer edge to the bedroom, add a simple trim to an outdated pillowcase and create something fresh and new to bring a sophisticated edge to your interior. With so many options, you are spoiled for choice. Castellano Beltrame provides a wide selection of decorative trimmings to bring style and flair to any space.

At Castellano Beltrame, quality is of the highest importance. They supply Tassels, Tiebacks, Fringes, Braids, Borders, Cords & Lip Cords and much.

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