Fenster: Energy Efficient Sun Control Blinds Are The Way of The Future

Reduce the energy consumption of artificial lighting with the latest innovations from Fenster Aluminium. Here, modern sun control blinds offer glare-free and uninterrupted daylight utilization, which increases comfort in the home or office.

By using Fenster Aluminium products, the Liebherr Africa building in Springs, Johannesburg, has some of the most advanced fenestration energy efficient products available in the South African market today. Liebherr has used Fenster Aluminium’s window frames, which are completely sealed from the outside elements when closed.

Combined with the correct double glazed Cool Grey tint on the outside, Low-E (Low-Emissivity) glass on the inside, and combined Warema Sun Control blinds, they have optimized their energy usage and sustain a small carbon footprint.

Sun control blinds with slat tracking installed, angle the slats so that they are always positioned exactly to exclude direct solar radiation and to make best possible use of diffused daylight. This mostly eliminates the need to use artificial light in a room. With specially shaped highly reflective slats, the amount of daylight entering the room can be significantly increased.  

These daylight guiding venetian blinds can be used inside or in enclosed double skin facades and box type windows. Mirrored and installed in a concave shape, the slats “scoop” the light far into the depth of the room, while simultaneously reducing the concentrations of light near the window. This setup uniformly floods the room with glare-free daylight. With intelligently controlled daylight systems, the energy consumption for artificial lighting can be reduced by up to 70%.

External venetian blinds equipped with vivamatic® create an optimal lighting atmosphere and provide perfect daylight utilization thanks to individual slat tracking. They do not require manual adjustment, and there is also no need to switch on artificial lighting as the blinds are being lowered. As soon as they begin to lower, the slats are set to the perfect angle.

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