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Window Covering Ideas For The Latest Bathroom Trends

Window Covering Ideas For The Latest Bathroom Trends

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Have you been following the latest bathroom trends this year? If so, you’ll know that 2019 holds many new, fresh and exquisite design ideas in store. From designs that embrace soft, subtle touches to ones that favour a few splashes of grandeur, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to styling your special sanctuary – just as there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to finding a Windovert window covering that fits in with contemporary trends.

With our team of experts keeping their finger on the pulse and ensuring our blinds and shutters are in line with times, as well as our extensive product range and customisation options, you will never have to worry about purchasing a window dressing that doesn’t meet your design expectations.

Simply browse through the design eye candy below and see which bathroom blinds or shutters we recommend using with the latest bathroom trends.

  1. Scandinavian Style

Image: Comfydwelling.com

Scandinavian bathrooms are immediately recognisable by their dominant white colour palette, minimalist design and hints of earthy elements scattered throughout the design space. This current bathroom trend has taken off in a big way, since its humble yet classy style is easy to implement and is relatively inexpensive to achieve.

Window Covering Ideas For This Style: Stick with simple and understated bathroom shutters or blinds that feature neutral and solid colours like beige or grey. We recommend using Windovert Roller Blinds or Tecwood Blinds (the latter has been specifically developed for use in moist areas like the bathroom), as these would suit the down-to-earth look of Scandinavian style.

2. Spa Style Designs

When you mix clean lines, soft lighting, cream or white hues and a few luxury items like decorative mirrors or sophisticated chandeliers, you get an overall elegant and serene spa-like style. If your design goal is to transform your bathroom into a relaxing, experiential space, then this bathroom trend is ideal.

Window Covering Ideas For This Style: You could use Windovert Tecwood Bathroom Shutters for this style, as they have a classic look that would suit a spa-inspired design perfectly.

3. Brass And Gold Accents

Image: www.classyclutter.net

By punctuating your favourite bathroom décor features with brass or gold accents, you’ll instantly add a sense of grandeur to the design space. But be careful not to overdo the accents, as you may end up steering too close to the side of hotel décor. Rather limit them to a few stand-out items like mirrors or frames, and balance them out with soft, comforting touches like woven rugs or decorative towels. This will give your design more of a homely feel.

Window Covering Ideas For This Style: Keeping in line with the homely touches, we suggest installing Lantex Fabric Venetian Blinds, as they have a soft look and feel. And as an added bonus, these bathroom blinds are anti-microbial, 100% waterproof and are available in a stunning selection of colours.

4. Industrial Bathrooms

Image: vk.com

High ceilings, exposed building materials and rustic colour palettes are a few of the things that characterise industrial style bathrooms. With a low maintenance nature and a timeless look, this is one of the latest bathroom trends that may just stick around for quite some time!

Window Covering Ideas For This Style: Since aluminium is frequently incorporated in industrial style design, we’d say the choice of Aluminium Venetian Blinds is a no brainer for this trend. Plus, aluminium bathroom blinds have a long lifespan because they make use of such a hard-wearing material.

Have a trend in mind that you’d like to try out? Are you ready to shop for bathroom shutters or blinds? Do yourself a favour and stop by at your nearest Windovert to get expert advice and assistance before you make your purchase.

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