American Shutters: A Safe Bet For Security at Home

As has been highlighted by the SAPS’ 2018 crime stats, we have again been reminded of the need for personal and property protection in South Africa. With an astounding 22 261 break-ins at residential properties as recorded in the period April 2017 to March 2018, it has become a real necessity to install security measures in our homes.

With the above stats it is not surprising that security is one of the most important aspects home buyers look at when shopping for property.

“Adding physical obstacles to deter criminals from attempting to enter our premises often results in detracting from the aesthetics of our property,” says Duncan Snyman, Managing Director of AMERICAN shutters. “We want our homes to be least attractive to criminals but most attractive for our own enjoyment and to increase the value for future resale.”

While there are many effective security barrier options on the market, very few look as good as they perform. Imposing security solutions like bulky security bars on windows and doors and heavy duty security gates often detract from the visual appeal of our homes and can be impractical to our lifestyle.

With the introduction of Security shutters homeowners have finally been given the chance to achieve both aesthetics and security in one product. Shutters are synonymous with style and have long been a favourite with designers and architects, previously being specified because of their practicality and beauty, this window and door finish now adds security to its lengthy list of benefits.

Amongst this list of benefits is the versatility of shutters, being able to choose how and when security shutters are put to use, from being able to lock the shutters and still use the louvres to optomise your view and ventilation to being able to open the shutters fully to improve your indoor-outdoor flow. AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters include an industry first ‘Gear Tilt’ mechanism which allows the louvres to be operated without a tilt rod, giving unobstructed views through the louvres. Add this benefit to the fact that shutters cancel out the need for further window coverings such as curtains or blinds, something traditional burglar proof products and security gates can’t achieve, and it’s simple to see why shutters are one of, if not the most versatile security barrier on the market.

“Privacy is a vital aspect and another benefit when it comes to crime deterrents” says Duncan. “Preventing potential criminals from being able to see inside your home, is the first step in effective security.” Traditional security products such as expandable security gates and burglar proofing do not offer the added benefit of privacy. Shutters with adjustable louvres do. “Security shutters are installed most often on the inside of the opening and closing the louvres will ensure your privacy both when you are at home or out reducing personal and property risk.”

The lifestyle, privacy and style benefits of security shutters are all important considerations, but the most important is the efficacy of the product, and this is where AMERICAN  shutter’s Security Shutters really excel. Manufactured from architectural grade aluminium and powder-coated for a corrosion resistant finish, these Security Shutters have patented strip-proof Italian locks that operate bolts to secure both the bottom and the top of the shutter panels simultaneously, as well as tamper-proof bottom and top guide systems that prevent the shutter panels from being lifted out of the channels.

Although the worrying crime rate in our country may make us feel helpless, we can do something to increase the security of our homes and the safety of our families while still preserving the quality of our lifestyle.

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