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American Shutters: A promise to not compromise

Home security is a priority for all homeowners. For this reason, although admired for their beauty, timber shutters were historically not a viable option for many homes.

Unfortunately, timber shutters are only a visual, not a practical security measure so properties needed to install conventional safety barriers such as burglar proofing and expandable security gates. These safety barriers restrict the ways a window or door openings can be dressed or finished. In many cases timber shutters do not work well in conjunction with traditional security features, so choices are restricted to either curtains or blinds.

Thankfully this has changed.  AMERICAN shuttersSecurity Shutters Range has the same beautiful appearance of traditional timber shutters and the same practical safety features of traditional security barriers.

“When designing our Security Shutters we prioritised not only the safety features but the aesthetic features as well,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. “It was very important that this range upheld our reputation for uncompromised style.”

There are many security shutters on the market, some more industrial looking than others, but none with the same stylistic refinement and design features of the AMERICAN shutters’ range. The qualitative difference is most notable in the small details, that collectively make a significant impact.

One of the reasons AMERICAN shutters’ timber shutter ranges have for a long time been the preferred choice of architects and interior designers, is their unique hidden gear system. This system nullifies the need for a tilt rod to operate the opening and closing of the shutter louvres; hidden in the shutter framework, this system creates clean lines and allows for an uninterrupted view between the louvres.

AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutter range has the same feature, and it is only one of its kind on the market. Other differentiating features include:

  • Installation systems designed with built-in light blocks to reduce light seepage through gaps
  • Most sturdy panel fixings on the market to ensure structural integrity
  • Powder-coated hinges to match the shutter finish
  • Small keyhole that does not detract from the overall look of the shutter
  • The bolt system is hidden in the shutter frame to keep the clean streamlined appearance
  • Colour matched top and bottom tracks
  • Widest choice of frames and configurations
  • Smooth louvre operation
  • Architraves on Bi-Fold and By- Pass shutters give shutters a finished framed look
  • Ability to match shutter design aesthetics across different windows and doors


“We often work closely with architects and interior designers to design our shutter installations to complement the features of the home,” says Karina. “For example, flush bottom tracks or shutters designed to retract into cavity walls.”

Spot the difference: Timber Shutters on the left, Security Shutters on the right

Considering how closely AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters match the aesthetic beauty of their timber shutters, it is not surprising that they are fast becoming the preferred shutter range for both external and internal installations.

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