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Skyward: The perfect windows for your Holiday Home

Now that summer is almost over and your family vacation has long since faded into the hustle and bustle of ‘normal life’, it’s time to reflect on next summer’s holiday home improvements.

If you intend on renovating, expanding or just general maintenance, it’s time to consider uPVC Double Glazed windows and doors.


Couple Stand on a Patio Admiring Their Holiday Home by the Sea

uPVC is that addition to your home and holiday home that keeps paying dividends throughout generations. uPVC double glazed windows the most energy efficient windows available in the market. Their superior make-up ensures the least conductivity from the hot summer temperatures. This minimizes air-conditioning costs and saves you money on you’re an already drastic electricity bill.

The aforementioned insulative properties not only ensures minimum heat transfer but also dampens sound frequencies beyond expectations. No more noisy neighbours, no more early morning wake ups from lawnmowers and barking dogs, and certainly no more disturbances from the heightened holiday traffic.


Security is always at the top of the list when it comes to the festive time of year. Opportunists lurk where we least expect it and our windows and doors are the most vulnerable part of the building envelope. uPVC is not only reinforced with steel but is extremely durable. The double layer of glass not only provides a double penetrative layer but more often than not windows and doors are fitted with laminated glass which further protects from the common ‘smash and grab’. With this protective shield in place Skyward Windows fits all their products with only the best hardware. Handles, locks and hinges sources from world leaders in Germany. With up to and 8-point locking mechanism all the way around the opening window or door; these products are near intruder proof.


A recent addition to the opening types is the increasingly common Turn & Tilt opener. This dual function option for windows or doors allows the window to open freely inward from the side hinges whilst an additional function allows the window to simply tilt inwards no more than a foot. This feature allows inhabitants to enjoy a constant cool breeze from an open window whilst ensuring intruders are kept out. Just a simple addition to make living in your homes that much safer.

There are many window and door products to choose from available at a variety of prices. Can you afford not to indulge in these lifetime benefits realized by no other window or door product available? uPVC Double Glazing.

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