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Safe and Secure Skyward Windows and Doors You Can Count On

In the South African economic climate, there is no more vulnerable area for an intruder to enter your home than through the windows and doors. uPVC Double glazed windows and doors are by far the safest and most secure solutions available to the South African public. Thanks to Skyward Windows you can rest assured that your most prized possessions will remain more secure.

Starting with the uPVC frames and sash, not only are these elements reinforced with steel, but the uPVC is extremely difficult to rip or break and is extremely durable; lasting a lifetime. Next is the double layer of glass that makes up the double glazing. This unit more often than not carries a durable laminated glass which greatly increases protection offering an additional protective barrier against the custom ‘smash and grab’. With these primary barriers in place, the final nail in the ‘self-defense army seal’ comes with the superior hardware mechanics. Sourced from world leaders in Germany, Skyward Windows uses high performance handles, locking mechanisms, and hinges to unsure the ultimate tight seal. Each window and door has up to an 8-point locking system ensuring an all-round tight seal – the final cherry on the top of a highly secured window or door solution. However, if you prefer to keep your windows open at night, there is the newly introduced uPVC Turn & Tilt opening option. This dual functioning opening type allows the window to be open inward fully from the side hinges. If you merely require airflow whilst the window is unattended or whilst asleep at night, the tilt function then allows the window to tilt inward; no more than a foot; to allow a constant airflow without the risk of an intruder breaking and entering. Quality hardware! There really is no other product designed specifically for double glazing nor with more safety features available in a single product the uPVC. The modest price premium far outweighs its worth in gold whilst protecting your family, your homes, and your valuables. Contact: Skyward Windows

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