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Effortless and elegant design with Sunflex SA

An effortless and elegant design is a great asset to any home. Design that opens up your home, maximising your space and creating a harmonious transition with the world just beyond your windows, bringing a brighter light into any home.

The Sunflex Frameless Glass Systems allow you to create the picture perfect views from any room in your house, from the peaceful view of your garden from your patio, or the stunning views of your surroundings from a higher vantage point, these systems bring magic into any home all year-round. This magnificent home found on the KZN North Coast is a great example of the advantages of using the Sunflex Frameless Glass Stacking and Sliding Systems and Blockhouse Shutters. These phenomenal products work seamlessly together to create beautiful architectural features that control light, heat and airflow. The SF25 Frameless Glass Stacking and SF20 Sliding Systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These systems can be used to optimise internal space, always offering the benefit of having a barrier in both the working and living environment. This stunning home takes full advantage to amplify internal space opportunities. A seamless transition is created between indoors and outdoors with the Sunflex Glass Systems, allowing for beautiful unobstructed views of the world surrounding this lovely home.

These systems bring the outdoors closer while protecting your home from external elements. Along with the Sunflex Systems, this house makes use of the Blockhouse Security Shutters. These shutters are of great quality that is locally produced, with fantastic light and privacy control characteristics, as well as bringing maximum security to any home. Sunflex takes pride in providing you with products that are trouble free and of the highest quality along with a reliable and professional service. Invite the outdoors into your magnificent homes this holiday season with wonderful Sunflex Products. Contact: Sunflex

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