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Finishing Touches: Summer in the Southern Hemisphere

Spring is only a few short weeks away. This is such an exciting season as we get to enjoy our beautiful outdoor scenery and partake in activities outside of the home. Here we share some useful ways you can prepare your home for the summer season ahead.

The summer always calls for some trendy changes to our homes to replace the cosiness of the winter. Instead of huddling up to keep the warm indoors, we can now embrace the cool with airiness and breezes to moderate our interiors. There is no need to reinvent trends. In the southern hemisphere, we are lucky enough to find inspiration from international décor movements from countries that are currently in their summer months. Here are a few useful tips to help you plan for summer. Reshuffle your furniture While a fireplace is a great focal point in winter, consider rearranging your furniture away from it during the summer. Rather than huddling around the hearth, shift the focus of the room toward beautiful windows. Stow away heavy draperies and hang gossamer sheers that flow with the breezes.

Make the most of your outside views To focus on the cool summer outside, trendy window décor is needed or some eye-catching shutters to draw your attention outside. Shutters can be made to fit almost any window or special shape so there is no need to leave the odd shaped window where you cannot find anything to fit. Shutters offer complete flexibility with how you control light and privacy. It also allows the cool breeze to enter your home while still respecting your privacy. Moderate your home’s temperature When the summer heat is at its peak, you may want to keep the sunshine and high temperatures out of your home. This can also be done by keeping the shutters closed. The sun is also one of the positives of summer, so if you want the full beam of the sun, completely open the shutters completely and enjoy the versatility of being able to close it at any time. Shutters are great for keeping the winter out and letting the summer in, making shutters fully compatible with any season. Shutters add a sophisticated feel to your home while adding value to your property investment. Get your shutters quotation from Finishing Touches.

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