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Steel Studio: Affordable Quality with Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades are typically known as the top of the range balustrade system around the world, but is there an affordable way to have this frameless appearance without compromising on quality and detail? We asked the professionals from Steel Studio to look into this matter…



At Steel Studio, you will find an entire range of frameless glass balustrades that vary in price, dependent on the detail of the system, the stainless steel fittings that need to be incorporated into the system and other height and glass thickness tolerances.

However, if you are looking to install a frameless glass balustrade that is within your means and yet still gives you that frameless look providing an uninterrupted view, it is important to specify your balustrade design right at the beginning of your planning phase together with your architect, structural engineer and in consultation with one of Steel Studio’s qualified technical sales executives.

The below diagram shows how you would be able to do away with all of the costly stainless steel fittings like stainless steel channels, stand-off brackets, handrail brackets and handrails, by making one simple design decision and that is to have your architect include for a precast channel within the slab whereby Steel Studio will secure your frameless glass into the precast channel by means of a non-shrink, cementitious grout. Your floor finish can then seamlessly completed right up against the frameless glass



This frameless glass balustrade design has been designed in consultation with a professional structural engineer. The system also passes a 400 Joule soft body impact test and complies with SANS deemed to satisfy rules.

There is no requirement for a handrail on this system due to the fact that the permanent channel is responsible for spreading the load upon impact during an impact test. However, a handrail can be added should you require some form of rail to hold onto. Often, homeowners prefer adding the handrail in order to prevent hand marks on the glass.

Speak to one of Steel Studio’s qualified, technical sales executives for frameless glass balustrade design assistance on your new build. No charge for consultations and detail specifying.

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