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Plantation Shutters: The Biophilia Buzzword

Biophilia continues to be a powerful buzzword in interior design circles at the moment, inspiring fresh new ways to live and design our dwelling places. This trend embraces man’s innate connection to nature, acknowledging our fundamental need for nature in order to live happier and healthier lives. 

There are a number of factors to consider in order to embrace Biophilia at home. From something as simple as our choice of window treatments, we can maximize our home’s connection to nature. Here we share a few suggestions to harness the power of nature in our own homes.

Views of the outdoors

If you can’t be in nature, then looking at nature through your window is the next best thing. The physical benefits of admiring a beautiful natural view are lowered heart rate and stress levels.

The key here is to maximize the views you do have. Install fold-away glass doors or large windows to embrace the beauty of the outdoors. Choosing the right window treatments are thus essential.

Plantation Shutters, for example, can be opened or closed completely, with the louvres adjusted according to personal preference. Plantation Shutters can be used as either window or door coverings, as well as room dividers, or to enclose patios and terraces. This makes them the ideal window treatment to make full use of those immaculate garden views and help you embrace the indoor-outdoor living trend that continues to inspire.

Let the light in

It has been proven that natural light benefits vision, sleep, higher productivity levels and improves your mood. We, therefore, all need natural light in order to feel happier and lead healthier lifestyles. Embrace your connection to nature with big windows and light that infiltrates through your entire home.

Plantation Shutters allow you to control the amount of light or privacy you require at any time. Plantation Shutters provide privacy from the outside world, yet still allowing light and airflow through the adjustable louvres, which can be angled either up or down. They only use solid timber – better longevity, better insulation, warmer, softer and better quality. All finishes are UV and fade resistant and all shutters are perfect for coastal conditions.

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