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The official start to winter ❄️☃️❄️

At Window Art, we don’t need an official time of the year to bring the frost, we offer it all year round, but our frosting is the kind that warms 🔥 the soul!

You can transform large open spaces into works of art by frosting your glass windows or doors, creating a sanctuary of beauty inside your home and giving your home a unique look!

The window frosting also allows natural light ☀️ to stream in, creating an environment of serenity, warmth and homeliness! There is no need for bulky curtains or blinds, and you still have all the privacy you desire!

Frosting strengthens your glass and acts as a shatterproof film. With school holidays on the horizon and more indoor play a definite, your windows stand a better chance of survival against balls and other flying objects!  🪁⚾

Frosting is an affordable alternative to sandblasting, and choosing one of our unique designs will make your home look like no other!

Call us today to learn more and allow us to transform your world with sleek, modern window frosting!


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