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Rehau: Safety at home

Safety at home: the secret defence you should know about;

There is more to the pristine uPVC frames of REHAU’s windows and doors than meets the eye: they are the most safe and durable frames in South Africa.   The secret?  The window and door frames are manufactured using a high performance pvc formulation, making it is almost impossible to break the tough profiles.

Fitted with a security tape, it also extremely difficult to remove parts of a window or door to gain entry into a home.  And the uPVC frames can accommodate double glazing, which offers higher security than the conventional single glazing.  REHAU recommend that the outer pane of glass consists of laminated safety glass.

But this is not all.  The most impressive feature of a REHAU uPVC window or door is that it can be fitted with multi-point locks.  No matter what a potential intruder has up his sleeve, he will find it very difficult to disengage several strikers gripping into the steel-reinforced uPVC frame of a closed window or door.

When it comes to your safety, only the best will do.

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