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The finer details with Castellano Beltrame

Local company, Castellano Beltrame believes in innovation when it comes to your home’s trimmings and stylish furnishings.

They remain on trend with the latest designs in furnishing fabrics, textures and colours.

Trimmings should make a statement in the room and in home decor. For the experts at Castellano Beltrame, trimmings are a work of love and passion and quality is of the highest importance. Their products consist of single and double tiebacks, rope tiebacks, key tassels and chairties. Furniture trimmings include bullions, braids, borders, gimps, tassel fringes, rouches, cut fringes, cords and lipcords.

These are exquisite finishes for any curtaining and home décor. Tie the entire room together through these finer details that add to the overall style of the space. With over ten collections to choose from, Castellano Beltrame have made their mark as leaders in the industry. Their specialised service and wide range of products will ensure quality in every detail. We particularly love their Artisan Collection with bespoke items to add unique and distinct appeal Check out their online catalogues for design inspiration and to make the most of your designer space.

Visit www.castellanobeltrame.com  to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings.

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