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Castellano Beltrame: 5 Ways To Create A Natural Interior

Nature has a wonderful way of creating a calm, peaceful and inviting atmosphere. Bring the natural world indoors with Castellano Beltrame and follow these five top tips to help you embrace this trend in your interior.

1. Choose natural accessories

When you are outdoors, the sounds, textures and colours of nature are striking and inspirational. To recreate this ambience in your own interior, select natural accessories that echo the textures, colours and materials found in the natural world. Wood, cotton, cork, twine and more may help to create a peaceful nature-inspired space.

2. Create a textural delight

With a mix of nature-inspired textures and colours, you too can bring the beauty and tranquility of nature to your living space. Natural interior elements include organic materials such as leather, wood, cotton, glass, stone and more. Choose accessories and trims that complement your style and help to enhance a sense of peace in your home. These will add a wonderful textural design to your favourite space.

3. Add natural colours

The colours of nature are rich and calming – a splendid array of deep browns, beige, off-white and even forest green. Bring a neutral, muted colour palette into your home through a curated selection of furniture and accessories. Add your own personal touch with embellishments and trim to complement this colour scheme.

4. Consider every detail

To pull the natural look together, you need to consider every design element in your room, from the light fittings to the scatter cushions and tassels used to embellish your accessories. Each decor item should work to add balance and enhance the scheme.

Lampshade with yarn wrappings

5. Create A Rustic Chic Space

Nature is often unrefined yet chic with hints of organic elements that bring an added sense of elegance and rustic appeal to any room. The Natural Collection from Castellano Beltrame is both a rustic and textural collection featuring organic materials such as leather and suede, embracing a connection with nature.

Castellano Beltrame offer a distinctive collection of passementrie and beautiful accessories, crafted with care to express the love for this ancient form of art, where tassels were created simply for the enjoyment, throughout the centuries in all cultures.

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