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Window Treatments That Are On Trend

A simple way to completely change the overall design of a space, without bringing out your trusty old sledge hammer, is by replacing your window treatments. You must be thinking is it really that simple? Well yes. The reality is, window treatments can often be what guides a room’s style because it takes up the most square meterage within a room.

So whether you’re in need of an upgrade or a complete overhaul, we’ve gathered a few window treatments that are on trend right now.

The perfect combo

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Who doesn’t love a good combo? Enjoy the best of both worlds by combining drapes and blinds. This trend can be executed seamlessly by matching a section of your drapes with your blind. A take on sophisticated colour blocking. Achieve this look with the Windovert Lantex fabric venetian blind.

Let the light shine in

More and more people are opting for décor that allows the natural flow of light into their homes. A trend we think would never go out of style. The ideal window treatment that would assist you in effectively meeting this function is shutters. Windovert shutters allows you to control light, wind and ventilation that enters your home. They are available in a variety of finishes and colours and can be made to fit any application.

Naturally stylish

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If saving energy is what you want to achieve through your design, then window treatments like blinds and shutters are what I recommend. Blinds or shutters are particularly efficient at managing natural light, allowing more natural light in during the day. Introducing natural, sustainable woods, like the Windovert woven and bamboo wood blinds, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.


Simplicity is key

You know the saying less is more? Well that applies to window treatment design too. A return to simplicity is a big trend in interior and architectural design. Creating a sense of additional space is key for those designing for more constrained living spaces. Blinds allows for the space around a window to appear bigger and open giving an illusion of extra space.

With so many window treatments to choose from, make sure the treatment you settle on fits the core purpose of your design. Have a window treatment that you simply have to share? Drop me a comment in the box below.

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