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Why You Should Speak To A Consultant Before Choosing Blinds & Shutters – Windovert

Why You Should Speak To A Consultant Before Choosing Blinds & Shutters

Do you have plans to renovate your home and update its look with new window coverings? If so, we suggest that you speak to an expert consultant from Windovert before you go full steam ahead with any installation.

This is because there’s a lot more to installing blinds and shutters than you may think, and knowing which window covering will work in your selected space requires extensive knowledge and experience.

Why is this you may ask? Well, not all blinds and shutters can be used with any type of window, and not all window coverings can be installed in the same way.

Simply take a look at our 4 reasons to get advice on installing blinds and shutters below to see why it’s best to enlist the help of the professionals.

1.You May Not Have Enough Space To Install Your Chosen Product

Most of our Windovert products are made to a minimum and maximum width, as well as a maximum drop. Each blind or shutter varies with its size specifications, so speaking to a consultant will definitely save you some time.

The stack height is also another important factor to consider in terms of size – you’d need to consider if you have enough space to stack your shutters or blinds when they are drawn open.

  1. You Have Specific Light Control Requirements

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to how much light they want to allow in or block out in a certain room. Some of our Windovert products, like our Roller Blinds, are available in a wide range of translucent and block out fabrics, and other Windovert window coverings are more limited with their light control options.

  1. You’re Buying Blinds Or Shutters Straight Off The Shelf

Even though we offer the option of custom manufactured blinds and shutters, we also sell some of our products at selected retailers. In the case of in-store purchases, it’s easy to get the sizing wrong and waste valuable time resizing and returning your window coverings. Rather speak to a consultant first to see if there may be a sizing factor that you haven’t taken into consideration.

  1. You Want To Accommodate Motorisation In Your Building Plan

Although retro-fitting is possible with our motorised products, it’s always best to ensure that the installation of blinds and shutters is carried out at the time of building. This is because considerations like where to place cords or plug points can be taken into account alongside the installation to enhance the design appeal.

Since our consultants have been trained to work with architect plans, it makes sense to get their advice on motorisation during your build.

Out of all the reasons to get advice on installing blinds and shutters, perhaps the most important is to avoid the extra cost that comes with making amateur mistakes! No matter how good your DIY skills may be, it’s hard to match the years of industry experience and expertise that our consultants have. So, do yourself a favour and visit your nearest Windovert franchise to get specialised advice for your unique window covering needs and requirements.

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