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How To Choose Window Coverings For Your Home Or Office


Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating your office or simply restyling one room in your house, there are so many different design elements and practical matters to think about that it can be easy to overlook the importance of choosing the right window coverings for your unique needs.

But buying a window covering for your home or office is not something that should be taken lightly, as your choice can have more of an impact than you think, and choosing an option that’s not fit for purpose could be a costly mistake!

That’s why we’ve picked 3 major factors to consider before you make your purchase. These points to ponder will show you how to choose window coverings that you won’t be disappointed with.

The Position of Your Building

Photo Featuring Tecwood Venetian Blinds

The orientation of your home or office makes a big difference when it comes to the amount of direct sunlight it receives. North-facing homes are often sought after in the Southern hemisphere because they receive the most direct sunlight throughout the day. South-facing buildings, however, receive little sunlight throughout the day and can have issues with condensation and mould.

What does this have to do with window coverings? Well, if you have a north-facing building then you’ll want to choose home or office window coverings that don’t fade over time due to prolonged sun exposure. Our Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a great option for these buildings, as aluminium is a highly durable and weather-resistant material. So whatever colour or finish you choose, you can be certain that your blinds will look as good as the day you bought them!

If you have a south-facing building then you may want to steer clear of fabric window coverings as these can be fairly conducive to mould growth. Rather choose a window treatment that has been specifically designed for moist areas, such as our Tecwood Venetian Blinds. These are made with a composite material, which means that they absorb little, if any, moisture.

The Size Of Your Room

Photo Featuring Vertical Blinds

Small rooms or spaces tend to feel really claustrophobic at times – especially if they’re dark or poorly designed.  And if you’re spending a lot of time in spaces like these or perhaps working in them, they can really have a big impact on your mood. Numerous studies have shown how environmental factors such as lighting and interior aesthetics can influence productivity and stress levels.

Plenty of natural lighting and clever design tricks to make your space appear larger are a must when it comes to lifting your spirits. So, to avoid a case of cabin fever, you may want to try choose office or home window coverings that allow as much light in as possible and create the illusion of extra height.  We recommend Vertical Blinds  because these can slide across to the side, leaving more window exposed. Vertical Blinds also lead the eye across the full height of the room and thus the viewer perceives the space as bigger.

For bigger spaces, window coverings such as our Roller Blinds are a great choice, as they are quick and easy to open or close, and many of the fabrics are available in wide widths, allowing bigger blinds to be made. What’s more, our blinds can even be motorised, making your life much simpler!

Your Design Style

Photo Featuring Aluminium Venetian Blinds

You don’t have to be an interior designer to find home or office window coverings that suit your unique design style. By picking up on design cues such as textures, colours and the type of lines used throughout your design you can easily identify the design direction you should be headed for.

Smooth textures, sleek lines and a neutral colour palette are often indicators of a more modern design style (office designs often opt for modern styles as these give off a very professional look and feel). Blinds or shutters with black, grey or beige undertones would be perfect for this style, and window coverings made with non-porous materials such as aluminium and composites are ideal.

On the other hand, coarser and thicker materials, soft contours and a light, warm and pale colour palette would be indicative of a country chic style, for example. White, wooden Shutters or beige Roller Blinds would be best suited to this sort of design.

After considering the 3 factors listed above, you should now be able to confidently pick out office or home window coverings that are fit for purpose. But if you’re still a little unsure, then  contact our expert consultants  for advice on how to choose window coverings that best suit you?



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