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Finishing Touches For A Warm Winter-Ready Interior

Winter is here – and that means it is time for change! When it comes to curtain décor, you want to keep up to date with the latest trends and make sure your home has a warm, welcome look and feel! There are often several things you need to tick off in order to make your winter interior decisions – colour, prints, fabric, length, lining… and the list can go on. We asked our friends from Finishing Touches for some helpful advice to creating a warm winter-ready home!

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There are some important decisions to make when it comes to revamping your home. Decide upfront if you want a modern or more traditional look and feel. What do you want to add in the room? Blinds, curtain rods, coffee table, new couch?

Next you can ask yourself what the purpose and function will be of the living area or specific room you want to redecorate. If you want to add curtains, for example, think about what type of atmosphere you are looking to create, how light or dark the room will need to be and what decor you’ll need to achieve this goal. Will your room need a fresh new coat of paint? Have an overall picture ready in your mind.

Curtains can often play an important role when is comes to privacy, sun shading and space in a room. You don’t want the living space to have to have too much clutter. The less, the better!

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On the other hand… Some good news on curtain décor! Shop around and find everything you need in all the latest trends from Finishing Touches. Their 105mm Pelmet Pole is now available in two new colours, Charcoal and Grey, and is now in stock with an improved bracket. You can add your curtain behind the pelmet pole for a more elegant and sophisticated look and feel.

Are you in need of any other colours? Don’t worry. Finishing Touches still have the following colours available for the 105mm Pelmet Pole: Mahogany, Moonsoon Grey and German Silver.

You can take a breath; Finishing Touches can help you when it comes to curtain décor. They specialize in curtain rods, poles, finials, blinds and many more! Visit your nearest Builders Warehouse, ask for the décor department and a sales consultant will be able to assist you. The staff from Finishing Touches are friendly and professional! You can have a stress-free shopping environment with Finishing Touches.

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