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American Shutters: Space Out with Shutters

Many of us wish for an endless summer – long days, balmy evenings and late nights under the stars – but as seasons change our outdoor time is cut short and we are chased inside by the inevitable chill that sets in.

“Enclosing patios or any other type of outdoor entertainment area not only extends our enjoyment, but the floor plan of our homes and the value of our property as well,” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. ®


Whether it’s an expansive patio, small balcony or wrap-around ‘stoep’ designing the space to be a practical multi-purpose, multi-season area takes careful planning, creative design and clever decision-making. There are a number of factors unique to outdoor areas that need to be considered such as security and weather.

Good interior design, whether for indoor or outdoor spaces is a mix of creativity and practicality. Outdoor areas, while an extension of the home, have particular challenges that require a very practical approach when making choices for features, finishes and furnishing. If you live in a very moderate climate and your outdoor area is secure, you may be less concerned with issues such as durability and security, and you could well opt for temporary screens, trellises, planting or even fabric drapes to enclose the space. However, if your outdoor area is exposed at times to harsh sun, strong winds and rain, strength, permanence and quality is more important. The latter is the case for most of South Africa; whether it’s the wind in the Cape, the thunderstorms in Gauteng, or the heat of the Karoo.


“One of the concerns we most often encounter when engaging with designers and homeowners on how to enclose their patios, balconies, verandas etc. is the reluctance to compromise the very nature of the space in a way that it loses its identity as an outdoor area,” says Karina. “Although security is a priority, the permanence of solid concrete or timber walls or even glass panels changes the very essence of the space, and greatly reduces its appeal in summer months.”

Security shutters are the perfect solution. They offer unmatched versatility; they can be fully opened to allow for an uninterrupted indoor-outdoor connection, maximising natural light and warmth, and picturesque views; and they can be easily closed to guarantee privacy, security and protection from unwelcome natural elements.

AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters are perfect for South African conditions; made from architectural grade aluminium and powder-coated for a corrosion-resistant finish, they are durable and weather-resistant. “Our Security Shutters have a unique ‘Gear Tilt’ system hidden in the shutter framework that nullify the need for tilt rods which interrupt the view between the shutter louvres,” says Karina. “The shutter panels are also inter-leafed allowing for complete privacy and improved security and light block when the louvres are closed.”

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